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Closing the Chore Gap:

S'moresUp and Procter & Gamble Champion Equality at Home

In today's world, the persistent imbalance in the distribution of household chores — a phenomenon referred to as the "chore gap" — has never been more apparent. The COVID-19 pandemic has seen many of us spending more time within our homes, and with that comes an increased workload to keep our living spaces clean and harmonious.

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Community Voice Rooms - Cloudly X Webflow Template
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Procter & Gamble's recent research illuminates this discrepancy, revealing that in 65% of households, most chores are shouldered by one individual. Recognizing this challenge, P&G, the powerhouse behind trusted home care brands like Dawn and Swiffer, has initiated the "Come Clean to Close the Chore Gap" campaign. This initiative calls on all households to reassess and reorganize the way chores are divided, championing a balanced division that reaps benefits such as improved relationships and the nurturing of vital life values in children.

Communication is the lynchpin in addressing this imbalance
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P&G's findings indicate that a refreshed chore distribution perspective has caused 52% of cohabiting couples to feel a deeper connection to their partners. Additionally, the data underscores the importance of open dialogue, notably within the LGBTQIA+ community, where chore distribution tends to be more balanced compared to heterosexual couples.

The emotional benefits of equitably sharing domestic responsibilities are profound. Many men, upon realizing the sheer breadth of tasks their partners undertake, express a renewed sense of respect, leading to fortified family connections.

In a complementary revelation, data from S'moresUp, indicates that a staggering 80% of its users identify as female. This statistic underscores the pivotal role mothers often play in child-rearing and broader family management activities. Priya Rajendran, the founder of S'moresUp and a single mom to a teenage daughter, remarked on this insight: "The central role of mothers in family management is evident from our data. This falls when with the other task that has a 80-20 split between moms and dads? meal prep and grocery shopping. However, it’s essential to note that visibility around such initiatives is crucial. I commend P&G for prioritizing this issue and bringing it to the forefront."

While strides have been made, it's clear that more can be done. Procter & Gamble's commitment to highlighting and actively addressing the chore gap is commendable. Arianna Huffington, the founder of Thrive Global, encapsulated this sentiment, stating, “We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to create a better normal... Closing the chore gap means less household stress for everyone.”

In conclusion, S'moresUp salutes both Procter & Gamble and all entities pushing for a change. With collective efforts, there's hope that households across the globe will experience a more balanced, harmonious dynamic.
Source: Procter & Gamble Good Everyday