Empowering Moms and Bridging the Gender Gap: S'moresUp and Liftery Join Forces

In a world where family life and careers often collide, two innovative platforms are teaming up to make a meaningful impact. S'moresUp, the family management app dedicated to lightening the load for moms, has partnered with Liftery (Formerly Laddrr) , a platform that reimagines the landscape for working women. Together, they are on a mission to create awareness around the vital work that moms do for their families and to bridge the gender gap in society.

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S'moresUp and Liftery share a common vision - empowering mothers to excel both at home and in their careers. They recognize that mothers often bear a disproportionate burden when it comes to managing family responsibilities, and this can impact their ability to thrive in the workplace. By providing the right tools, resources, and support, these platforms aim to change the narrative.

S'moresUp: The Digital Sidekick for Moms

S'moresUp is the digital sidekick for moms, designed to simplify family management and foster shared responsibilities within families. This family management app helps parents stay organized, communicate effectively, and coordinate tasks efficiently. By streamlining family management, S'moresUp allows moms to reduce stress and reclaim time for their personal and professional growth.

Liftery, formerly known as Laddrr, is on a mission to reshape the professional journey for working women. They recognize that women often face unique challenges in their careers, particularly during critical life transitions such as motherhood. Liftery offers a range of resources, support networks, and flexible work opportunities to help women advance in their careers while managing family responsibilities.

Through their partnership, S'moresUp and Liftery are creating awareness around the importance of shared family responsibilities and the impact this can have on bridging the gender gap. By providing tools for effective family management and resources for career advancement, they empower moms to achieve their goals and aspirations.

Joining Forces for Change

By combining their expertise and resources, S'moresUp and Liftery are working together to create a more equitable society where women can excel in both their family and professional lives. Their shared vision highlights the importance of recognizing and valuing the work that moms do for their families and society as a whole.

S'moresUp and Liftery's partnership represents a step toward a more inclusive and balanced world. By supporting moms in their family management roles and professional aspirations, they are not only lightening the load for moms but also helping bridge the gender gap. Together, they inspire change and encourage us all to rethink the way we view and support the vital work of mothers.

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