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Sep 29, 2023

Are you out of your mind? I may be out of mine

Ok…so I’ve been thinking..I want to talk about a book that not many people have read, but it is one of my absolute favorites. It’s the book Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper.

Are you out of your mind? I may be out of mine

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This is a simply stunning story that is told from the perspective of an incredibly smart girl named Melody. She has a photographic memory, and has so much potential. There is one thing keeping her from accomplishing her goals and succeeding in school. She has cerebral palsy.

This story is told by a girl who cannot walk or talk, yet her mind is one of the strongest and smartest in her generation. This book is great for anyone in 4th grade and up. The message is just so incredible and something that I think is a must read for any child. I think reading this book changed my view on people with disabilities and helped me understand that they are just like me. I think this is an important message for any kid to have and reading this, especially at a young age, can shape the way you turn out as a teenager or even an adult. No matter your age, this book is a book worth reading.

Okay, so the actual plot…This is the story of a girl with cerebral palsy proving to everyone that her disability doesn’t define her. This is the story of a girl who went against the odds and proved just how capable she is. And most of all, this is the story of a girl who was brought down her whole life but still manages to surpass her peers as well as the adults who told her how “stupid” she is. This story makes you cry, laugh, and teaches you about family, respect, and not judging someone based on what you think you know about them. It shows how truly cruel kids can be but also how truly kind they can be. Of all the books I’ve read like this one, “Out of my Mind” stuck with me the most, with an amazing message that has stayed with me even after reading it for the first time almost 5 years ago. I couldn’t tell you the titles of half the books I’ve read in the last week, but this book has such a captivating plot and story that it has been with me all these years. I give it a 10/10 and I promise it is not one to overlook.